Symposium 2022-Perspectives on Water on the Llano Estacado

Water flows through Lubbock, the Llano Estacado, and the Earth itself. Fostering
an acute awareness of the local importance of water builds sensitivity to the
importance of water for the planet as an integral system.
The 54th Comparative Literature Symposium at Texas Tech University will
jumpstart a conversation among community practitioners and academics in
the humanities and sciences about the indispensability of water.
The symposium will include presentations that approach water from archeological,
historical, legal, engineering, scientific, and humanities perspectives, especially
focusing on the Southern High Plains. The symposium also includes a field trip
(with Ogallala Commons), a musical performance (with Andy Wilkinson), and an
art exhibition (with the Texas Tech School of Art).
Planned outcomes for the symposium include a book volume with Texas Tech
University Press and the communication of the ideas from the symposium to
children through the creation of teaching modules or an exhibition.